Photos of Recent Work:


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Happy Birthday, Twelve 28!!

My little, ole shop is seven years old today!




I had a little storefront, then a big, crazy, amazing shop, and now a cozy studio all alone. I have worked with some truly wonderful people, for whom I am incredibly thankful; I’m even thankful for the not-so-wonderful stuff. The past seven years were more than I dreamed they would be.


Thank you to everyone who has helped me, worked for me, listened to me stress about work, referred their friends, hell – referred strangers on the street, worn a shop shirt, worn out a shop shirt, has consistently come back even though I used to do walk-ins and now have a waiting list, everyone who has been a client and become a friend.




I mean it.


With more love than I can explain,



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This Round of Consultations is Done-zo:

Dear Kiddos,

If you have not gotten in touch with me yet about scheduling a consult, I’m afraid you’re out of luck for this summer. My schedule is about to be full into the fall once the May 1st and 2nd consultations have made appointments. As it is right now, I have no availability before August (save a few hours here and there in July).

Still want to get tattooed?

Sign up for my waiting list!! Just email using the subject “Waiting List” and give me a description of what you would like tattooed, your full name, contact number, any time constraints, and any questions you may have. I will likely be scheduling new consultations in October.

Here are a few things I’ve worked on the last couple of weeks. So excited that these pieces are getting finished and all of the new projects coming in are on the drawing table!

Thank you all so much for being amazing clients.

I am truly fortunate.



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Still Scheduling Consultations:

My appointments for consultations are being filled quickly! April 12th, 13th, & May 2nd are nearly filled. May 1st has the most open slots available.  Please get in touch with me as soon as possible to schedule.  After these consultations make their tattoo appointments, I will be booked through the summer and most of the fall.  My next round of consultations will likely be in October/November.  If you would like to get tattooed by the end of this year, email me soon!  Also, enjoy these in-progress shots from last week!

1972472_659226300809345_1360227790_n 10155103_659227280809247_1696859511_n1506958_658704017528240_195281969_n1972399_658703577528284_326847921_n

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Open for Consultations!!

I’ve got a few days blocked off to do consultations.

Finally…I know! Thank you all for being patient.

solangel robot

I am consulting April 12th & 13th as well as May 1st & 2nd.

Please email me to schedule.

My earliest available tattoo appointments are in June.

Heads up, I will be completely unavailable August 1st – 13th.


vin pooh wars

I’m really excited to start new projects and look forward to hearing from you!!


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