Time for Long-Term Planning, Folks:

Josh Skull HandMy schedule is filling up!  Let’s try to plan ahead, please.

I have a few weekday spots open in April and definitely have more weekday time in May.  These weekday appointments do get booked fairly quickly.  As always: the sooner you book, the better.

Saturdays, however, are booked out much further.  If you are interested in getting tattooed by me on a Saturday at all this summer, I suggest getting in touch with me immediately.  I have a lot of time to consult and can probably see you within a day or so of contacting me.  My next free Saturday, as of right now, isn’t until May 30th.

Yes, 9 weeks from now.

Please contact me via email (1228Appointments@gmail.com) or call the shop (347.602.2560) to schedule a consultation.  I look forward to seeing you and doing fun tattoos this summer!

Here are a few recently finished pieces.  Enjoy!


Space Triangle Space Wyzzard Wish Arrow Mermaid Bicycyle ArrowArmy

Friday the 13th, AGAIN:

We will be doing Friday the 13th Specials again this month.

Here are the RULES for $20 Tattoos:

*Arms & Legs only.*

*No size changes.*

*No color changes. *

*No additions or subtractions to the design.*

*First come, first served.*

*We are not taking appointments for this event.*

If you can’t make it Friday, we will have the designs available Saturday starting at our shop minimum of $60 and you can make changes to those.  Hope to see you this weekend!

$20 Friday the 13th Specials:

We had a fantastic time doing fun, quick, little, $20 tattoos on Friday, February 13th and Saturday, February 14th.  Doughnuts, arrows, lightning bolts, and other designs were drawn up by Joy, Chris, and Dorothy.  It was really great to see so many people come out…even in the cold weather!

02132015 specials 2

The Twelve 28 Crew will definitely be doing more specials, including another one for the next Friday the 13th that will be next month.  That’s only a couple of weeks away!  Some of the designs will be the same as last time, but we will add a few others.

02132015 specials 1

It is a first come, first served event.  All tattoos are $20.  They will only be applied to arms and legs.  We cannot make any alterations to the designs or add any extra colors.  If you are coming, be prepared to wait for a bit.  There are a number of places to visit in the area once you have gotten your name on the list with Roxie.

Joy Nonsymbol Arrows Feb 13 and 14Hope to see you soon!

Ringing in the New Year Right:


Twelve 28 Artist Line Up

Hello Kiddos!

We are all set up and ready to tattoo.  Our artist line-up includes, Scarlet Sinclair, Gianna Galli, Dorothy Lyczek, Chris Wednesday, and (me, duh) Joy Rumore.  Roxie Rotten is holding down the fort, once again.  If you want to stop in just to say hi to her, please do…I hear she loves doughtnuts.  Oh, hell, we all love doughnuts!

Gianna's Booth

The shop is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from Noon to 8pm and while appointments are always recommended to secure your spot, walk-ins are totally welcome.  You can reach us at 347 602 2560 or 1228Appointments@gmail.com.

Joy's Booth

Artist schedules are as follows:

Scarlet Sinclair: Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Dorothy Lyczek: Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Gianna Galli: Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays

Chris Wednesday: Tuesdays & Saturdays

Joy Rumore: Tuesdays through Saturdays

Twelve 28

Keep an eye out for us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.  We are super excited to be under one roof again and are looking forward to seeing you all…even if you don’t bring doughnuts.

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