Still Scheduling Consultations:

My appointments for consultations are being filled quickly! April 12th, 13th, & May 2nd are nearly filled. May 1st has the most open slots available.  Please get in touch with me as soon as possible to schedule.  After these consultations make their tattoo appointments, I will be booked through the summer and most of the fall.  My next round of consultations will likely be in October/November.  If you would like to get tattooed by the end of this year, email me soon!  Also, enjoy these in-progress shots from last week!

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Open for Consultations!!

I’ve got a few days blocked off to do consultations.

Finally…I know! Thank you all for being patient.

solangel robot

I am consulting April 12th & 13th as well as May 1st & 2nd.

Please email me to schedule.

My earliest available tattoo appointments are in June.

Heads up, I will be completely unavailable August 1st – 13th.


vin pooh wars

I’m really excited to start new projects and look forward to hearing from you!!


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So Long, January:

It’s been fun, but I’ve had it with this cold nonsense. AMIRITE!? Ugh.


Here are a few things I did the last couple of weeks and I am really excited about my line-up for February. That includes a trip to New Orleans! I’ve never been and I am so happy to finally get a chance to go down there.


If you haven’t yet, follow the shop on Instagram @twelve28tattoo. I update there more frequently than the website. I know, shame on me.


Stay warm, Kiddos!







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Who Wants a Shirt!?

Hey Kids!

I’ve got a few of these still kicking around. Mostly mediums and a few smalls, but zero large/x-large etc. I encourage you to cut off the sleeves and make tank tops. Maybe it’ll help bring the warmer weather back?


There will be another run of shirts eventually, so stay tuned. If you would like one of these, you can schedule a time to come pick one up for $20 (I’m usually in Wed-Sat) or I can ship one to you for a little bit more. Whichever you’d like to do, contact me at


Later dudes,

1228 cross

1228 gold logo

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End of my Week:

I got to do some awesome stuff this week. This first one is a reproduction of an original painting by my client, Andrea. I was really honored to be able to put her own painting on her. Loads of fun.

This next one is on my friend, Ross. It may not be fashionable, but SHIT I love doing lettering. Especially, tiny little stuff like this. This clocked in at about 30 minutes, for the record. (Not that it’s a race, but sometimes people think these things take hours and they don’t always.) Ross owns and operates Chazer Clothing. Go take a peek at his stuff. Keep an eye out, this isn’t the last time you’ll hear about him on this site. *hint hint*


Here’s a couple of hours put in on Josh’s second sleeve. I included a shot of the reference material AND a shot of how it looked before we did the color. Sometimes, I say things like, “This will be really light when it heals. It’ll look like pencil. It’s just a place-holder because we aren’t doing black outlines.” I’m not kidding when I say that. Shit’s gonna look WEIRD. However, I ask that you trust me. L: what Josh’s arm looked like at the beginning of our appointment. R: what Josh’s arm looked like 2.5 hours later. This sleeve is gonna rule so hard when we’re finished!! Also, Chicken snuck into this post.  I’m not sorry.


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